IQ Technology Limited offers this NZQA workplace competence based course. This course is run in six months and has a total of 53 credits. The level 3 National Certificate- Boiler Operation qualification is applicable to all industry sectors employing steam or hot-water boilers and ensures legislative compliance in most plants for attended, limited-attendance and unattended operation.


A mandatory requirement is that a prospective candidate has to have a work that has do with boiler operation on sites with steam or hot water boilers. As a workplace competency based course, it is imperative for a candidate to be exposed to a real-world operating boiler. To achieve the formal NZQA certification, a candidate will undergo competence assessment on the premise of an operating steam boiler.


The objective of this training is to provide you with the knowledge to;

    • Start, bring online, control and shutdown a boiler plant
    • Monitor and control boiler operations in an energy and chemical plant
    • Maintain personal safety and work with boiler house safety systems and legislative requirements in an energy and chemical plant.


The course is a package of NZQA unit standards encompassing:

Code Title Level Credit  
21452 Monitor routine energy and chemical plant operations 3 5 Download
21461 Demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of steam generation and of combustion theory relating to boiler operation 3 5 Download
21462 Demonstrate knowledge of the basic equipment and systems used for steam generation in a boiler operation 3 8 Download
21463 Perform boiler plant operations 4 15 Download
21468 Demonstrate knowledge of energy and chemical plant pollutants and their control measures 3 5 Download
21469 Identify, use, and monitor safety equipment in an energy and chemical plant 3 5 Download
28168 Use boiler house chemicals in an energy and chemical plant 3 5 Download
3046 Operate energy and chemical plant fire safety equipment 3 5 Download

Legislative compliance; -

  • Health and Safety Work Act 2015,
  • Resource Management Act 1991 and
  • the Boiler Code of Practice