On-line course modules are internationally relevant boiler-code compliance training for the operation and maintenance of Attended, Limited-Attendance and Unattended Packaged Boilers. The content is generic and focussed on covering the energy and chemical industry-wide training needs. This on-line course content is a very relevant resource for operators in non-complex plants or trainee operators in larger utility installations. 

Each title has one or more comprehensive learning sections with embedded practice assessments that provide students with dynamic feedback. A separate, standalone assessment module containing a bank of randomized, scored questions is used for formal competency assessment. An embedded report generator provides a complete transcript of the assessment session and may be printed to provide evidence of competency.

The on-line course modules comprise the following topics. Click the topic to view the lesson map and screen shot. Please note; you need to enrol and login to access and enjoy this on-line training experience! We will send you a login and password to access these modules.